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What is a Prep School Info Session and Why Should You Attend?

By Gravitas

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As you explore the next chapter in your child’s education, you want to make the most intelligent and informed decision possible. An important tool that can help you find the right academic fit is an information session. An info session at a college preparatory school provides you with information about the school you are considering, such as its admissions process, curriculum, and college acceptance rates. It’s a means to connect with school staff, ask questions, and make a good first impression on the people at the institution your student might attend.

What You Learn from a Prep School Info Session

Whether in-person or online, an info session will first introduce you to the school, its mission, philosophy, and structure. Often hosted by an admissions representative or school executive, the presentation gives you the opportunity to get answers directly from the people who know best. Among the topics often covered are:

The School’s History and Mission

Even if you are familiar with an institution, an information session will augment what you already know. It will provide an overview that speaks to a school’s history, mission, reputation, educational philosophy, and student body. Find out what might set it apart from other schools. This introduction can help you determine if the school and its teaching will align with your values and what you want for your child’s future.

Data and Statistics

As with any important decision, you want to start by gathering evidence. A prep school information session should provide you with data about the school’s success rates as measured by outcomes such as graduation rates and college acceptance. Beyond whether graduates go onto college, however, you want to know which colleges they attend. The presentation should also provide figures on acceptance rates and financial aid packages. And beyond just numbers, it might also share student, parent, and alumni testimonials that speak to their experiences at the school.


Like their name implies, college preparatory schools focus on giving your child access to college when the time comes. To that end, there should be a rigorous curriculum, taught by able and passionate instructors. An information session should introduce you to that curriculum and provide insight into how courses are taught, and progress evaluated. It should touch upon what makes a school’s curriculum unique. This includes class offerings, projects, materials, methodologies, and class size.

Staff Introductions

During the session, you will meet school representatives. Admissions counselors, school leaders, and faculty may present during the session. The people behind an institution should be a key consideration as you decide upon a school. Find out whether they share your educational philosophy, beliefs, and goals for students. Assess how the people you meet interact with parents and students and the energy they seem to bring to their work.

Admissions Process

The presentation should also cover the admissions process. Discover what the school considers to be the critical components to a successful prep school application and how your student might stand out among applicants. You can also learn how to apply, what fees and documents are required with your application, what the tuition costs are, and what type of financial aid might be available.

Parent Questions

During a live presentation, there will be an opportunity for you and other parents to ask questions. Take advantage of the time allotted to ask about anything not covered. You might want to learn about specific courses, counseling, college advising, or extracurricular activities. The info session is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions and to make a good first impression. If this school ends up being the right fit for your child, the info session is your first interaction with the institution; make it a good one.

Gravitas is the online extension of The Stony Brook School, a Christian college preparatory school with more than 100 years of academic excellence. We offer a rigorous but flexible curriculum that will help your child achieve academic success, while building strong character. To learn more, attend a virtual information session today.

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