YOUR CHILD CAN THRIVE IN AN ONLINE SCHOOL, but only if your school puts your child's best interests first. Many online schools say they do that, but in reality they are motivated by other values - usually profit-margins and efficiency. Gravitas is an online extension of The Stony Brook School, a school that has been putting character first and mastering the craft of education for 100 years. As a non-profit, Gravitas invests all revenue generated by the program back into the program. Its mission is to make a Stony Brook education and diploma accessible to more students, so it welcomes talented students from a wide variety of backgrounds and provides them with generous financial aid. With small live classes, daily character formation exercises, weekly advisory and chapel, Gravitas offers more whole student growth opportunities than any other online school. Its program is designed to help students identify their passions and invest in them. Week-long passion projects at the end of every intensive term and specialized academies in 11th and 12th grade allow them to explore beyond the standard curriculum. Also, unlike most other online schools, Gravitas makes physically present education possible through summer boarding opportunities at its beautiful Long Island campus and through its growing network of urban microschools. This is online education done right.