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How Private High School Prepares You for College

By Gravitas

Private School Students

As the last step before college, high school should give you the foundation, experience, knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in college. But whether you are truly prepared may depend on the school you attend, the classes you select, and the choices you make. The decisions you make now can affect where you attend college, how you do once there, and beyond.

Private High School and College Preparedness

Did you know that less than one-third of high school seniors are proficient in such basic subjects as math, science, civics, geography, and history? And only half feel prepared for the rigor of college. But students who attend private school outperform their public-school peers across subjects and on standardized tests. They fare better and are more prepared to apply, get accepted to, and succeed at college.

College Focus at Private Schools

Although all schools aim to provide you with a good education, private schools often measure results by how many of their students go on to top-tier colleges. And private school graduates are indeed more likely to attend and graduate from college. Because the school, your parents, and your peers are all focused on the next step of your education, you will be immersed in an environment where college is everyone’s shared goal, and motivation runs high.

Rigorous Coursework

The rigor of a high school curriculum is one of the top indicators of whether a student will graduate and earn a college degree. It’s more important than where you come from, your parents’ income, and whether or not your parents attended college. Private schools provide you with the opportunity to take rigorous coursework that more closely resembles what you will find in college. Rather than brushing about topics, advanced courses go into greater detail, are taught by the most advanced instructors, and hold you to a higher standard of comprehension and evaluation. In rigorous courses, critical thinking and content mastery are the goals rather than rote memorization and test preparation. All these aspects are closer to the demands of college than a typical high school course will provide.

One-on-One Attention

The small class sizes and individualized attention that most private schools afford their students support you throughout your high school journey. You will have access to teachers, advisors, administrators, and tutors to help ensure your success. If you’re introduced to a college-level concept and you have difficulty understanding it, there is an abundance of resources available to you. This offers a safety net that you likely won’t find in college and helps you build your knowledge base while still in high school.

You’ll also find specific guidance on choosing a college. Teachers and advisors who know you well will help direct you to a college that will be a right fit for your interests and skills. They will help you narrow your interests, prepare your college admissions application, and highlight your unique attributes so a school will view you in the best light possible.

Character Formation

Unlike public schools, a private school often insists that its students adhere to a strict code of ethics that help you develop a sound moral compass. Lessons in character formation help you ponder big questions and explore your place in the world. Doing so in high school can better prepare you for the temptations you may face in college. Knowing who you are, what you care about, and the goals you want to accomplish can help you stay on track to succeed academically, professionally, and personally.

Gravitas is a private online high school that can help you prepare for college. As an extension of the prestigious Stony Brook School, we offer a rigorous curriculum, top-level instructors, and a 100-year history of academic excellence to provide you with an atmosphere that nurtures your abilities and sets you up to do your absolute best in college. Beyond our academic preparation, we also place a strong emphasis on instilling the values of integrity, compassion, and leadership in all our students. Apply now to take the next step in your preparation for college.

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