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A Transformative Partnership: B2TheWorld Joins Forces with Gravitas

By Sean Riley

Sean Riley with B2THEWORLD school leaders at G.E.G. in Kigali, Rwanda November 2022
Sean Riley with B2THEWORLD school leaders at G.E.G. in Kigali, Rwanda November 2022

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between B2THEWORLD and Gravitas: A Global Extension of The Stony Brook School. This collaboration aims to expand the reach of quality Christian education and character formation to children impacted by war, fulfilling the vision of both organizations.

A Meeting of Missions

B2THEWORLD has been on a mission to leverage the power of education to combat the generational impacts of war. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus, the organization focuses on being the salt and light of the Earth, especially in war-torn countries. “Education is an investment in the next generation,” says Joan Rhee, Operations Lead of B2THEWORLD. “We’re excited to bring transformative education together with Gravitas as we reach students in countries all around the world!”

On the other side, Gravitas, an extension of The Stony Brook School, offers a challenging college-prep education with a focus on character formation. “We are overjoyed to be partnering with B2THEWORLD to expand the reach of the highest quality Christian education and character formation to those who need it most in the world,” shares Sean A. Riley, Ph.D, Executive Director of Gravitas.

Gravitas & B2THEWORLD Partnership

The partnership between Gravitas and B2TheWorld began when Dr. Ben Thomas reconnected with The Stony Brook School after having worked for SBS’s summer programs during his youth. Dr. Thomas met with SBS Head of School, Joshua Crane, who then connected Ben with Sean Riley to discuss ways Gravitas could aid B2THEWORLD in accomplishing their mission to promote the flourishing of students impacted by war through Christian education. Sean then attended the Global Educators Gathering in Kigali Rwanda in November of 2022, where he got to meet school leaders from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Rwanda. That trip solidified the partnership and strengthened Gravitas’s resolve to support B2THEWORLD’s work however possible.

The agreement between the two organizations outlines a comprehensive framework for collaboration. B2THEWORLD will act as a representative of Gravitas in promoting its online programs and recruiting students who meet Gravitas’s admission requirements. In return, Gravitas will provide B2TheWorld with a discounted tuition rate for all enrolled students referred by B2THEWORLD. Additionally, Gravitas will make its Character Formation Program and curriculum available to B2THEWORLD schools to implement in their own institutions. 

A Future Full of Promise

This partnership is more than just an agreement on paper; it’s a commitment to a brighter future for children around the globe. Both organizations are deeply committed to their missions, and this collaboration will only amplify their impact.

Founder of B2THEWORLD, Ben Thomas, expressed his excitement saying, “We are very grateful for the high quality education that Gravitas delivers. It’s a great partner for B2THEWORLD as we seek to deliver a high quantity of high quality schools in countries recovering from war!”


In a world where education is often a privilege, this partnership aims to make it a reality for every child impacted by war. By combining the educational expertise of Gravitas with the humanitarian outreach of B2THEWORLD, we are taking a significant step toward a more equitable and compassionate world. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we strive to be the salt and light of the Earth.

Photo of B2THEWORLD school leaders at Kigali International Community School in Rwanda for the November 2022 G.E.G.
Photo of Dr. Riley with B2THEWORLD school leaders at Kigali International Community School in Rwanda for the November 2022 Global Educators Gathering

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