Jan 31, 2023 |

Gravitas Announces Partnership with Cornerstone College Cambridge

By Sean Riley

Gravitas Partnership Announcement
Gravitas announces partnership with Cornerstone College Cambridge

Gravitas is pleased to announce a partnership with Cornerstone College Cambridge, a Christian high school that has been providing Canadian and British coursework to high-aspiration students for over a decade. In partnership with Gravitas, CCC will now be able to offer a US diploma program and prepare their students for selective US university and college admissions. 

According to the Cornerstone College website, they offer “an education framed in the context of a vibrant biblical-centred community” and define themselves as “a vibrant multidenominational and multicultural learning family committed to helping students make the most of their God-given talents.” They employ a combination of in-person instruction, online courses, and residential programming to achieve their mission. 

For Gravitas, partnership with Cornerstone presents an opportunity to reach more students globally with The Stony Brook School’s mission and programs and to connect our existing students with peers from the UK, Africa, Europen, and the Middle East, where CCC draws their student population.

Enrollment for the Gravitas dual diploma program begins this March. Interested families should contact director@cornerstone-college.org or gravitas@sbs.org

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