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Advance Your Studies with 24 Exciting Online Summer Gravitas Courses from The Stony Brook School | Register Now!

By Sean Riley

Online student taking a summer online high school or middle school class.

Are you a middle or high school student looking to get ahead in your studies this summer? Are you worried about a course you will be taking next school year and want to get a jumpstart on it? The Stony Brook School is excited to announce its widest array of online summer Gravitas courses since it launched the program in 2020. Taking online courses through Gravitas means you can:

  • Take your classes from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Earn high school credits on an SBS transcript you can send to selective colleges
  • Take class with students from around the world

This year, Gravitas will offer the following summer courses:

  1. AP Macroeconomics
  2. AP Microeconomics
  3. Contemporary Global History
  4. Philosophy Honors: Artificial Intelligence
  5. College Counseling
  6. Health & Human Flourishing
  7. Advanced Biology
  8. Advanced Computer Programming: Data Engineering with Python
  9. Advanced or Regular English 11/12: Rhetoric & Composition
  10. Advanced Environmental Science 
  11. Algebra I
  12. Algebra II Regular/Honors
  13. AP Calculus AB/BC
  14. Chinese I
  15. Chinese II
  16. College-Level Multivariable Calculus
  17. College-Level Ethics
  18. English as a Second Language
  19. Faith and Philosophy
  20. Geometry
  21. Pre-Algebra II
  22. Pre-Calculus Honors
  23. Spanish I
  24. Spanish II

Additionally, Gravitas will host workshops and mini-courses throughout the summer on interesting topics. We may also add more course options if there is sufficient interest.

Our summer sessions are as follows:

  • Summer A – June 5-23, 2023 (0.5 credits/12 live sessions)
  • Summer B – June 26-July 14, 2023 (0.5 credits/12 live sessions)
  • Summer C – July 17-August 4, 2023 (0.5 credits/12 live sessions)
  • Summer B-C – June 26-August 11, 2023 (1.0 credit/24 live sessions)

You do not need to be a Gravitas or SBS campus student to join our summer classes. To apply, just fill out this registration form. If you’re an SBS or Gravitas student, that’s all you need to do. We will get back to you to confirm that you’re qualified and that the course has the minimum number of enrollments to run. If you are not an SBS or Gravitas student, after you fill out the form, we will contact you and walk you through the process of applying to Gravitas as a part-time summer student. 

For more details on our online summer courses for middle school and high school students, please visit https://gravitas.sbs.org/summer/


Frequently asked questions about summer classes

Q: Will my child’s middle school or high school accept SBS credits?

A: Most likely, yes, but it really depends on the school. Please reach out to your school administration. Typically, school administrators will want to see a course description, which is available in our Summer Course Catalog. If you need specific information about the curriculum, please reach out to gravitas@sbs.org

Q: How long will the live meetings last?

A: Live classes last for 90 minutes and are highly interactive. 

Q: How much time will students need to complete their work outside of class?

A: It varies by class and by student, but we recommend setting aside 3-4 hours for asynchronous work outside of class. These classes are intensive, covering a semester’s worth of material every three weeks, so students need to be dedicated and diligent to succeed. We have had well over a 90% success rate, with most students earning B+’s and above on their summer courses, and being very well prepared to move up to the next level the following school year.

Q: Can I qualify for financial aid if I am not an SBS student.

A: It is possible, but you will need to fill out a TADS application. For more information on financial aid, please visit: https://gravitas.sbs.org/financial-aid/

Q: What types of students do you accept for summer courses?

A: The vast majority of our summer students are highly motivated and aspirational students looking to advance more quickly through their academic programs. At the Middle School and lower math and world language levels, however, we accept students who are looking for introductory level courses or in some cases remediation. 

Q: What time of day will class take place?

A: Most live class meetings take place in the morning on the East Coast of the United States, but some will occur at other times. We first determine who is teaching the course and who the students are and where they live and then make the schedule to fit them.

Q: Can I take a summer class completely asynchronously?

A: While not ideal, it is possible to watch recordings of class. We require live oral assessments, however, which can be booked individually with the teacher. This provides a high level of accountability and helps us ensure academic integrity.

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