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Transforming Global Education: Launching the Gravitas Every Nation Scholars Program

By Sean Riley

The Gravitas Every Nation Scholars Program

Gravitas School is thrilled to announce the launch of the Every Nation Scholars Program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to provide world-class Christian education to students from every corner of the globe. This program aims to educate and develop wise and virtuous leaders who are equipped to address the world’s most pressing challenges with integrity and compassion.

Our Every Nation Vision

Inspired by Revelation 7:9-10, which envisions a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language standing before the throne, we are committed to building the world’s first truly global Christian school. At Gravitas, we believe that the future leaders of every nation need access to the best education. Since 1922, The Stony Brook School, of which Gravitas is a global online extension, has been a beacon of academic excellence and Christian character formation. The Gravitas Every Nation Scholars Program extends this legacy globally, enabling students in grades 5-12 to receive a Stony Brook education from anywhere in the world. While receiving a world-class education and daily moral and spiritual formation, our students will learn to solve global problems collaboratively with their peers from other parts of the globe.

Why Gravitas?

The Gravitas Every Nation Scholars Program offers a truly global learning environment, where students can interact with peers from diverse backgrounds through live online instruction. To train up the next generation of global leaders, we have built our program on three pillars.

  1. World-Class Christian Education – Gravitas offers live online courses from The Stony Brook School, the #1 ranked Evangelical Christian school in the world. We lead our student from wonder to wisdom to worship and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and virtues needed to pursue what is true, good, and beautiful, so they and the communities they serve can flourish. In partnership with Baylor University, students earn college credits for most of their 11th and 12th grade coursework.
  2. Daily Character Formation – The Gravitas Web App uses gamifications to encourage students to learn about the virtues and vices, practice spiritual disciplines, connect with local mentors, and journal about their growth journey. With over 400 lessons designed by Christian virtue ethicists and resources from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program, our custom program is unmatched in the Christian school sector.
  3. Intentional Leadership Development – Gravitas is using resources from Faith Driven Entrepreneur to help students discern their calling, gain training in business and entrepreneurship, and receive vocational discipleship through internships, leadership summits, and service opportunities. Every Nation Scholars will complete collaborative passion projects where they work with peers from other parts of the world on solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Then, through our college concierge services, Gravitas opens doors for students to enter the most prestigious universities in the world while also preparing them for life beyond university.

Our graduates have a proven track record of gaining admission to top-tier universities, with over 40% matriculating to the top 30 universities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Yes, Every Nation

In its 102-year history, The Stony Brook School has served students from 83 countries. We believe we are uniquely positioned in the Christian school movement to expand the reach of our mission to every nation in the world. Our plan in phase one is to focus our initial efforts on North, Central, and South America, providing bilingual Spanish and English academic support to students who need it. In phase two, we will open up Europe, Africa, and the Middle East by offering live online classes during the typical school day in those time zones. In phase three, we will open a hub in East Asia, likely in South Korea, to serve students in Asia and Oceana. Phase four, which will aim to serve the Pacific Island nations, will be the most difficult due to population sizes and geographic locations, but we intend to offer live online instruction to students in those countries from hubs in South Korea, Hawaii, and perhaps other countries.

Student Stories

The transformative power of the Gravitas program is exemplified through the stories of our students.

Joseph, a pastor’s kid from Korea, California, and New York, leveraged the Gravitas program to volunteer over 700 hours per year while receiving a Stony Brook education online. Next year, Joseph will study philosophy and neuroscience at Princeton University, aiming to serve orphans worldwide.

Yan from Ukraine escaped the terrors of war to pursue his passion for organic chemistry through the Gravitas program. He is now headed to the University of Richmond on a full scholarship, majoring in Chemistry and Political Science.

Joseph, a Gravitas scholar from Korea and the US, is attending Princeton University.
Joseph, a Gravitas scholar from Korea and the US, is attending Princeton University.
Yan, a Gravitas scholar from Ukraine, received a full ride to University of Richmond.
Yan, a Gravitas scholar from Ukraine, received a full ride to University of Richmond.










What We Look For

We are looking for students who are:

  1. Full of Wonder. Poised for Wisdom.Gravitas Every Nation Scholars are intellectually gifted, full of wonder, hard-working, and passionate about pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness. They can’t wait to discuss big questions, solve tough problems, and read great books.
  2. Committed to Character – Our Scholars crave character. They just need the right program and the right adult mentors to invest in their growth. They are teachable and eager to work just as hard on their character as they do on their academic studies every day.
  3. Transformational Leaders – Every Nation Scholars are natural leaders who will make a massive impact on their local communities if given intentional vocational discipleship. With Gravitas, they will grow in confidence and influence so they can lead others courageously and justly.

How We Identify Every Nation Scholars

Gravitas works with global Christian non-profits invested in primary education to identify exceptional students who fit the profile above. Through these networks, we offer the most talented students middle and high school scholarship to meet their financial needs.

Support Our Scholars

The world needs wise and virtuous leaders. At Gravitas, we are building the first truly global Christian school, preparing students to tackle the world’s most pressing problems with integrity and wisdom. We invite donors to partner with us in sponsoring students with financial needs. For $10,000 per year per student, you can provide the full Gravitas package of services to a future leader in need. In addition to individual donors, churches and other communities can consider pooling their resources to support a future leader from a given country. Your support will help us reach our goal of serving every nation and training a generation of leaders who will work together to solve global challenges.

To participate, visit https://gravitas.sbs.org/donate/

Together, we can give the next generation of world leaders the education and opportunities they need to make a difference.

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