Character Before Career: The Tradition Continues, now in an online format.  A lot of schools like to talk about character, but when you ask them what they mean or how they form it in students, you hear a lot of vague answers. For Gravitas, character is more than a buzzword. It’s our reason for existing as an institution. That’s why we’ve put so much thought into how teenagers actually grow in virtue and learn to resist temptations.

The Gravitas program is backed by the latest empirical research from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program and over two thousand years of collected wisdom and practice. Here are some of the ways we cultivate love, hope, faith, wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance in the hearts and minds of young adults.

Spark your moral imagination by reading stories of virtue and vice, discussing the big questions of life, and seeking wisdom in the Scriptures, history, and great literature. Cultivate the intellectual virtues that will help you reliably discern truth from lies.

Gain insight into the way God has made you through personality tests, strengths finders, and personalized counseling. You will learn to uncover your calling, feed your strengths, and address your weaknesses.

Growth Groups
Grow in wisdom, faith, and love as you receive intentional mentorship from an adult who is further down the road to virtue. Experience the benefits of vulnerability and accountability from your growth group peers.

Daily Habits
Practice the time-tested, empirically proven moral and spiritual disciplines that shape your character slowly but surely. Complete daily challenges that push you to grow from areas of weakness and reinforce areas of strength.

Do justly and walk humbly as you care for those in need in your community and beyond. Partner with organizations that know how to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized, the oppressed, the sick, the poor, and the lost.

Crucible Events
Leave your comfort zone and embark on wilderness and international adventures that test your courage, your patience, and your perseverance. Make lasting memories and deepen friendships with your peers and mentors.

Grow In Virtue