Jan 9, 2023 |

Gravitas Announces Student Leadership Councils for 2023

By Sean Riley

PC: Bruce Jeffrey

Gravitas students grow in character and leadership by doing real work – work that would not get done if they did not do it. They work on important projects with a diverse group of peers who are united in a common purpose and shared projects. While faculty mentors supervise their work, the projects are student projects from design to implementation.

This year, we will have four student leadership councils devoted to four different aspects of school life:

  1. Admissions & Communications Council
    • Serve as a buddy to students participating in class visit days
    • Participate as a student representative on Virtual Open House panels
    • Spotlight student achievements to the outside world
      • Athletics blog
      • Performing arts blog
      • Faculty spotlight interviews
      • Student spotlight interviews
  2. Activities and Community Service Council
    • Plan student activities
    • Help organize community-wide service initiatives like the MLK Day of Service and others
    • Promote and showcase community service amongst our students
    • Help create house competitions
  3. Chapel and Character Formation Council
    • Help plan and lead chapel services
    • Help review, give feedback on, and create videos for the character formation program lessons
    • Motivate peer participation in chapel and character formation program
    • Help spread the word about the Character Formation Program
  4. Academics Council
    • Set up peer tutoring and mentorship program
    • Look for opportunities to serve students outside Gravitas through tutoring and teaching
    • Plan guest lecture/interview series with students as interviewers
    • Run student-led mini-courses
    • Write Academics, Passion Academies, and Arts blog posts
    • Share study skills, tips on how to excel in each Gravitas class, advice on how to be an excellent online learner with peers

Students will select their leadership councils in January and begin work on these projects immediately. Starting in 2023-2024, Gravitas will add student leaders, prefects, to lead these councils.

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