Every Nation

Global Leaders Start Here.



At Gravitas, we are dedicated to educating wise and virtuous leaders from every nation. Inspired by Revelation 7:9-10, our mission is to provide access to the best Christian education in the world, offered by The Stony Brook School. Since 1922, The Stony Brook School has been integrating faith and learning, forming unshakeable Christian character, and opening doors to the most selective universities. The Gravitas Every Nation Scholars Program is designed to extend this legacy globally, enabling students in grades 5-12 to receive a Stony Brook education from anywhere in the world.

Why Gravitas?

  • Global Learning Environment: Gravitas offers a truly global learning experience, where students from around the world can interact, learn, and grow together.
  • Character Development: Our program emphasizes “Character Before Career,” ensuring that students develop integrity and strong moral character alongside academic excellence.
  • Elite College Outcomes: Our graduates have a track record of gaining admission to top-tier universities. With over 40% of our graduates matriculating to the top 30 universities in the US, the Gravitas advantage is clear.

Student Stories

Joseph’s Journey

Joseph, a pastor’s kid from Korea, California, and New York, leveraged the Gravitas program to volunteer over 700 hours per year while receiving a Stony Brook education online. Next year, Joseph will study philosophy and neuroscience at Princeton University, aiming to serve orphans worldwide.

Yan’s Escape

Yan from Ukraine escaped the terrors of war to pursue his passion for organic chemistry through the Gravitas program. He is now headed to the University of Richmond on a full scholarship, majoring in Chemistry and Political Science.

What We Look For

Gravitas Every Nation Scholars are:

  • Intellectually Gifted: Full of wonder, hard-working, and passionate about pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness.
  • Committed to Character: Eager to work on their character as much as their academics, and seeking the right program and mentors to guide their growth.
  • Transformational Leaders: Natural leaders ready to make a significant impact on their local communities with the right vocational discipleship.

Inspire and Support

The world needs wise and virtuous leaders. At Gravitas, we are building the first truly global Christian school, preparing students to tackle the world’s most pressing problems with integrity and wisdom.

Support Our Scholars

We invite donors to partner with us in sponsoring students with financial needs. For approximately $10,000 per year per student, you can provide the full Gravitas package of services to a future leader in need. Your support will help us reach our goal of serving every nation and training a generation of leaders who will work together to solve global challenges.