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An Open Letter to Christian School Leaders about the Benefits of a Partnership with Gravitas

By Sean Riley

Student sitting in front of a laptop, engaged in an online class that promotes Christian education and character formation through a school partnership with the Gravitas program offered by The Stony Brook School.

An Open Letter to Christian School Leaders about the Benefits of a Partnership with Gravitas

Dear Christian School Leader,

The past few years have been full of challenges and opportunities. Most of your schools are experiencing unprecedented growth and demand as families who had previously been satisfied with public school have realized what we have known all along, that no school is value-neutral. If they care about the intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation of their children, they need to take seriously the aims and methods of the schools they entrust them to five days a week. 

As you confront the dizzying realities of increased demand, do you wish your school could:

  1. Offer more interesting electives like entrepreneurship, graphic design, ethics bowl, digital marketing, and blockchain programming?
  2. Offer higher level courses for your advanced students like linear algebra, multivariable calculus, college-level ethics, and college-level history of philosophy? 
  3. Add entire grade levels beyond what you currently offer?
  4. Challenge students to grow in Christian virtues and resist temptation through an intentional, comprehensive daily character formation program?
  5. Create a hybrid program for local homeschool families who want to meet in person at your brick and mortar school a few days a week?
  6. Start specialized programs for elite athletes, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, or performers?
  7. Provide accelerated tracks with intensive summer courses?
  8. Broaden your students’ horizons by giving them opportunities to make friends with peers from across the globe?
  9. Help your students gain acceptances to highly selective colleges and universities through personalized college counseling?

If any of these are appealing to you, I would love an opportunity to share about the online program we have developed at The Stony Brook School, which we call “Gravitas.”

Gravitas is not  your typical online school. We are:

  • A non-profit organization, driven by mission, not money. Our aim is to make the world’s best Christian education and character formation available to deserving students in grades 1-12 globally.
  • A program of The Stony Brook School, a school that has been leading the way in Christian education for 101 years, a school that has remained faithfully Christian while also garnering the respect of the world (45% of graduates accepted to top 30 universities and ranked #37 private boarding school in the US on
  • Committed to live instruction, where students develop meaningful relationships with their teachers and with their peers from around the world (20 countries represented so far), though open to partnerships for asynchronous learning that make use of our recorded sessions.
  • Eager to help elevate fellow Christian schools so the next generation of graduates are fully equipped for life in an increasingly secularized world.
  • Innovative and flexible, willing to work with our partners to meet their needs.

The brilliant thing about a partnership with Gravitas is that by leveraging high quality online education, you can keep innovating and growing without taxing your maxed out faculty and staff. If a partnership with Gravitas might help your school advance its mission, let’s talk. You can book a meeting with me using my Calendly account.

Best regards,

Sean A. Riley, PhD

Executive Director

Gravitas: A Global Extension of The Stony Brook School

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