From Wonder
to Wisdom



Gravitas offers an online learning experience that is designed to keep you engaged and moving from wonder to wisdom. Every course incorporates:

Wonder – Kick off each unit with an inspirational video that will introduce you to the essential questions you will explore

Knowledge – Build from a foundational base before you think more deeply and master key tenets, theories, and concepts

Skill – Watch demo videos by expert instructors and practice the skills yourself and form new habits so you can do key activities with ease.

Understanding – Deepen your understanding of each unit’s essential questions through online discussion boards and live class conversations with your teacher and peers, and then apply your knowledge and skill to new situations through projects and writing assignments.

Wisdom – Connect what you have learned to the big questions of life and explore the virtues you will need to continue making progress in the subject area.

Demonstration – Show your teacher what you know through written assessments and projects, followed by small group or one-on-one oral assessments.

When you become a Gravitas student, you do so because you want to develop into a person of character and influence. You cannot get there by taking shortcuts. So, when it comes time to prove you have really developed enduring understanding and wisdom, you will be able to do so in a Gravitas disputatio. A Gravitas disputatio is a modern version of a Medieval testing method in which you answer questions posed to you by your teacher orally. You outline all the major viewpoints on the question and then offer and defend your viewpoint with sound reasoning. This approach will make you a confident reasoner and speaker and will prepare you to engage in deep and meaningful conversations for the rest of your life.

Other useful distinctives of our education approach include:

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    Passion Academies where students can discover their calling,

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    A daily character formation program,

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    On-campus opportunities,

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    New starts every eleven weeks, allowing new students to enter the program with a minimum of waiting, and finally,

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    Live class start times that allow growing teenagers to get the rest they require. To learn more about how the Gravitas approach can change your life, inquire now.


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