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Benefits of Online Synchronous Learning

By Gravitas

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Online courses provide students with flexibility and convenience that in-person learning cannot. But asynchronous learning (pre-recorded lessons that student watch when they want) don’t connect students in real time to a teacher or their peers. If you are researching online high schools for your child, be sure to ask if they offer a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. This hybrid formula brings the best of both formats to the learning experience.

Benefits of Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning offers greater flexibility for you, your student, and the whole family. Because lectures can be watched and lessons completed at your student’s convenience, the format is helpful if you travel, live in a different time zone than the school, or have other commitments. Scheduling conflicts are less of an issue and your student can complete coursework at their own pace.

Why Is Synchronous Learning Important?

Synchronous learning can prove invaluable with the transition from in-person to online learning. It also serves as an important partner to asynchronous learning. Online programs without a real-time component can leave your student feeling isolated and less accountable than they will be in schools that require some synchronous learning. Some of the benefits of synchronous learning include:

More Interactive Learning

A synchronous format gives your child the ability to ask their instructor questions, contribute to discussions, and be more involved in their own academic success. These real-time interactions can better engage your student and enhance learning for a more positive experience.

Real-Time Collaboration

Whether through group projects or lively discussion, real-time collaboration allows your student to better connect with their peers. Students can meet fellow learners from across the world, discover different world views, and get to know other customs and cultures. They can access social support that is often not available in asynchronous online program and prepare for college and career collaboration. And they can begin to forge real-time relationships that could last a lifetime.

Greater Participation and Engagement

Face-to-face time with an instructor, albeit virtually, increases your student’s accountability and their teachers’ accessibility and creates a heightened sense of urgency. It’s one thing to upload an assignment after its deadline and another thing entirely to admit directly to a teacher that you missed the due date. But the strength of synchronicity isn’t built from a perceived threat. Rather, it’s the positive anticipation of getting to perform well for a favored instructor, meet classmates in real time, and display their skills and knowledge in a group setting.

Timely Feedback

Whether your child is ahead of the curve or having some trouble with a difficult concept, feedback occurs more quickly in the synchronous classroom. Your child can demonstrate comprehension or confusion in real time. They can ask questions about material and assignments and ask for clarification before moving on with the confidence that they’re headed in the right direction.

Increased Satisfaction

Another benefit to real-time engagement is that students like it better. Synchronous learning has been linked to greater satisfaction with courses. When your student likes what they learn and connects to their teachers, they’re more likely to engage fully in the online experience and do well.

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