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What is Entrepreneurship Class in High School?

By Gravitas

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Great business ideas can come from anyone, at any age. Even children can be innovators. An entrepreneurship class in high school gives students foundational knowledge of how businesses are conceived, launched, and run. It can spark the imagination of a young inventor or give a budding businessperson the building blocks to success. It can transform a whimsical notion into a solid idea that turns into a real business plan. Entrepreneurship classes go beyond traditional subject matter to help young minds hone creative instincts and gain the tools to turn inventive ideas into viable businesses.

Entrepreneurship Can Start Before High School Graduation

Whether your child has already expressed interest in a passion project or hopes to someday run a company of their own, it’s never too early to learn the skills that can turn a passion into a project, a project into a business. Many students have not only dreamed of building a company; they already have. Are You Kidding Me is a fun sock company that was started by a pair of young brothers to help benefit autism research. Me & The Bees Lemonade was started by a girl with a mission to help save honeybees, while also sending her grandmother’s recipe out into the world; the lemonade is now available at Whole Foods. Examples of young entrepreneurship abound. Why not fuel your child’s passion by enrolling them in an entrepreneurship class?

What is Taught in High School Entrepreneurship Class?

Nearly half of Generation Z plans to start their own business. Entrepreneurship class teaches them how. Lessons in the class help students take an idea and build upon it with practical skills. Using case studies and real examples, students can be guided from brainstorming sessions to business plan development. Some areas that might be covered include:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Economics
  • Financial literacy
  • Networking and fundraising
  • Market research
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Presentation development
  • Public speaking
  • Social media marketing

Entrepreneurship class is generally an elective course that often turns away from traditional textbooks and lectures and toward experiential learning. Instruction might come from a variety of professionals in different areas of business. Students are likely to work in teams, evaluate each other’s ideas, and nurture their own inspirations in a more realistic context.

Redemptive Entrepreneurship

Many elite high schools have academies within their institutions. These schools within schools allow students to learn from a comprehensive curriculum with a more focused lens. Even with entrepreneurship, there can be a narrower focus. Redemptive entrepreneurship in high school is built for future leaders who want to lead ethically, morally, and with a higher purpose. Although the classes are generally non-denominational, they nonetheless embrace the tenets of Christianity and teach students to serve the greater good. Therefore, in addition to classes in finance and economics, students learn about sound ethical business decisions and redemptive leadership.

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