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Give the Gift of Character this Christmas

By Sean Riley

Give the gift of Character this Christmas with a Gravitas Character Formation Program Subscription
Give the gift of Character this Christmas with a Gravitas Character Formation Program Subscription


This Christmas, consider a unique and lasting gift for your loved ones – the gift of character. The Gravitas Character Formation Program offers an exceptional opportunity for personal and spiritual growth for students in middle school, high school, and college.

For Parents and Grandparents

Imagine your children or grandchildren engaging with enriching content, learning virtues and vices, and practicing spiritual disciplines daily. For just $60 annually, this program is not just an educational tool but a pathway to character development, rooted in Christian virtues, Biblical values, and spiritual practices. It’s ideal for family devotionals, encouraging reflection, and building a strong moral foundation.

Program Highlights

  • Lessons on virtues and vices.
  • Engaging student-produced videos.
  • Insights from Christian virtue ethicists.
  • Content from wise Christian philosophers, theologians, and Biblical scholars and the Harvard Human Flourishing Program.


Download a free eBook of the first module here!

Purchase your $60 annual subscriptions here!

For School Leaders

We extend a special invitation to school administrators and educators. Implement the Gravitas Character Formation Program in your school with a 50% off bulk student discount. This program can be a cornerstone for fostering a community of integrity and moral excellence.

The Gravitas Character Formation Program provides an in-depth explanation of the virtues and how students will grow in each. Here’s a summary:

  1. Love: The program teaches love as an active commitment to the well-being of others, reflecting God’s unconditional love. Students engage in practices to nurture empathy and selfless service.
  2. Hope: It emphasizes cultivating a hopeful outlook, grounded in faith, resilience, and trust in God for the future.
  3. Faith: Students explore faith as trust in God, involving practices that strengthen their relationship with God and understanding of His promises.
  4. Wisdom: Wisdom is presented as the application of knowledge and understanding, especially in making godly choices. Activities focus on discernment and thoughtful decision-making.
  5. Justice: The concept of justice is explored as fairness, righteousness, and advocacy for the oppressed, encouraging students to be just in their actions and stand up for what is right.
  6. Temperance: This virtue is about self-control and moderation, guiding students to make healthy choices and avoid excess.
  7. Fortitude: Students learn about courage and perseverance, especially in the face of challenges and adversity, developing resilience and strength of character.

These virtues are taught through various activities, reflections, and challenges that help students internalize and practice these qualities in their daily lives.

Spiritual Disciplines Employed

The program integrates a variety of spiritual disciplines to challenge and grow students in their faith journey. These include:

  • Accountability and Confession for moral integrity.
  • Bible Study, Lectio Divina, and Scripture Memorization for deepening scriptural understanding.
  • Contemplation/Meditation, Fasting, Silence, Solitude, and Worship for spiritual reflection and growing closer to God.
  • Cultivating Character Strengths, Discernment, and Discipleship for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Practices like Sabbath-Keeping, Stewardship, and Service for developing a heart equipped for good deeds.
  • Fellowship, Encouragement, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Hospitality, and Sharing Testimonies for learning practical ways to love one’s neighbor.

By participating in the Gravitas Character Formation Program, students embark on a comprehensive journey of character building and spiritual growth, preparing them to be thoughtful, ethical, and spiritually mature individuals.

Conclusion: This Christmas, give a gift that will resonate throughout the year and beyond. Enroll your child or grandchild in the Gravitas Character Formation Program or bring this transformative experience to your school. Contact us for more details and join us in shaping the characters of tomorrow’s leaders.

Download a free eBook of the first module here!

Purchase your $60 annual subscriptions here!

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