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What’s It Like to Go to an Online Prep School?

By Gravitas

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If you want the academic excellence that college preparatory high schools can provide without the strictures of traditional high school attendance requirements, an online prep school may be a good choice for you. An online college preparatory high school is a great way to prepare for the rigors of college, and a career beyond, while still allowing you to fully explore life outside of school.

Online Prep Schools Offer Rigorous Academics

Like most college prep high schools, you can expect the online version to be highly selective with a robust and demanding curriculum. If you intend to move on to an elite college or university, you need the kind of critical thinking skills and foundational knowledge those schools demand. An online prep school should allow you to build upon your existing knowledge, think deeply, and expand your world view.

While many traditional high schools offer a one-size-fits-all curriculum that leaves no room for exploration, online prep schools have the flexibility to offer academic specializations. If you have an interest in a particular area, you can pursue it with the aid of teachers who are just as curious as you are. You would also have access to a wide array of resources and the ability to leverage those resources to create a tailored educational experience. And class sizes are often much smaller, which means you can receive more one-on-one time with instructors. In high school, this kind of attention is especially important, as coursework becomes more demanding. Expect a wealth of courses that truly prepare you for college.

Online Learning Technology

As a student in an online program, you’ll experience your education a little differently than your peers at traditional high schools. While they likely all got a glimpse of online learning during the pandemic, an online prep school goes far beyond the band-aid that was remote instruction out of necessity. This is by choice. That means the technology, learning management system, and online resources are of the highest caliber. As long as you have access to high-speed internet, your educational experience will be seamlessly presented in a format that provides you with more freedom on how and when you learn.

For online schools affiliated with brick-and-mortar locations, this also means you may be able to attend an elite, alternative, boarding, or Christian high school that may have been geographically challenging otherwise. You can access the kind of education that will serve your needs and beliefs regardless of where you or the school are located. There is no moving, no adjusting your life to strict traditional schedules, online prep school works with you, and for you.

As more and more universities offer online classes, online prep school also prepares you for that next level of learning. The tech skills you will master by graduation may be a difficult and alien format to others. And the flexibility and responsibility that might overwhelm young college students will be second nature to you.

The Teachers at an Online High School

Expect online instructors to have the same knowledge, credentials, and passion for the job that you would find in an on-ground classroom setting. They should have experience teaching to able and determined students who want to make the most of their education. And because they teach through an online delivery system, you can also expect them to be tech-savvy—a critical skill to pass on to their 21st-century learners.

Online Prep Students

At the same time that you can expect a more diverse student body at an online prep school—they can come from anywhere—you may also find that your classmates were motivated to choose their school for similar reasons to you. They likely will be independent thinkers who take their school experience and life decisions more seriously than some of their at-home peers.

Prep schools have a longstanding history of academic excellence, opportunities, and innovation. And now, as the world is more online than ever, online prep schools are the new frontier. They offer all of the best parts of prep school in a more flexible and modern manner.


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