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Why Online High School May Be Better for Your Child

By Gravitas

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The COVID-19 Pandemic introduced families across the world to online learning. While online high school may not be a great fit for every student, for some, it has proven to be a better alternative to the traditional classroom setting. Where does your child fit in?

Online High Schools are Great for Independent Learners and High Achievers

Gifted children often think differently than their peers so it makes sense that they might also learn differently. If your child finishes assignments quickly, is always looking into a topic more deeply, or often gets bored in the classroom setting, an online high school might be a viable alternative to traditional classes. With a more independent learning environment, your student can learn on their own time, supplement what they learn in the classroom with real-world endeavors (e.g., visiting museums and historical locations), finish assignments early, and use the extra time for activities they love. On the flip side, if your child wants to spend more time on an assignment to delve more deeply, they have that option in an online classroom. Such an independent learning structure can satisfy your child’s innate curiosity and serve as a primer for the collegiate learning experience.

Introverts Can Thrive in an Online Setting

High school is filled with social pressure and can be stressful for all students, but it can be a particular challenge to an introverted kid. If your child is quiet and reserved, online learning can provide them with a lower-pressure environment where they can focus more on their learning, without the drain of being around other people all day. Additionally, if your child has been home-schooled, an online high school can offer a more seamless transition. Your child is already accustomed to learning at home in a quieter, more focused environment. They understand independent learning and are apt to find greater success online than many of their peers might. However, because they’ll still be “in” high school, there will be more opportunities to interact with peers their own age. They can make friends from all over the country and the world and learn from different instructors. This online socialization can help them grow, expand their world view, gain new perspectives, and build self-confidence.

Online High Schools Provide a Comfortable and Safe Learning Environment

If your student has more significant anxiety issues, they are not alone. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 25% of children between 13 and 18 years old, and put kids at a higher risk for poor academic performance, as well as decreased social experiences. Bullying and peer pressure can also lead to a significantly more negative learning experience that can affect more than grades in high school. Online learning affords your student a more comfortable and consistent learning environment that can help them excel both academically and socially. They have access to supportive instructors and peers, and a robust curriculum, all of which can combine to relieve pressure and allow them to work into social situations at their own pace.

Online High Schools May Offer More Class Options

Within the confines of traditional high schools, students have a limited number of teachers, classrooms, and courses. Online high schools can offer a more unique curriculum with instructors and guest speakers from across the country and around the globe. Additional courses might include honors classes and unique electives, or a specialized curriculum tailored to subjects that interest students more. This setup is especially advantageous to high-achieving students who have interests above and beyond what is offered in regular high school, or for students who have a particular passion they want to explore further.

Online High School Programs Offer Greater Flexibility for Families

High school class schedules can be a challenge for families that travel frequently. Traditional high schools require in-person attendance at a specific location that may not be convenient. Online high school offers greater flexibility for families that live non-traditional lives, move around a lot, or have the opportunity to travel for cultural exploration, work, and more. With online learning, all courses can be taken from any location with an internet connection, and studying and assignments can be completed at a student’s convenience. Whether your student is an elite athlete who follows a strict workout schedule or merely needs snacks and breaks more than is allowed in traditional settings, they have flexibility in an online environment.

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