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Gravitas became a real new home for our son. Although he has only been studying at this school for a month and a half, he has adapted to the process extremely quickly. Yan goes to each lesson with an enormous interest, and after each lesson he tells us what he learned new, and I am honestly shocked at how much he has already learned at school. And not only subject knowledge, but also moral principles, which are extremely important in life. Gravitas now plays an integral part in our son's life, because he found new acquaintances and great teachers there. We are delighted with the school - only positive emotions. We are extremely grateful to Gravitas for the opportunity to study at such a wonderful school, and also thank you for the financial and moral support of our family during such a difficult time for us. As a sign of gratitude, Yan is already running a small advertising campaign for your school in Ukraine. Thank you for being our new family.

Yevheniia, Parent '24
Kyiv, Ukraine

I really love that Gravitas focuses on character building. My son has expressed to me great appreciation for the lessons in philosophy and I especially love the weekly chapels that students must attend as it focuses on building character in a world where character is being challenged all the time. I can see how my son’s thought process and views are evolving in ways that focus more on the bigger picture.

As a parent, I love the small size class instruction and the opportunities given by the teachers to get additional help and support when needed. After my son went through his first intensive, I realized that his previous school attended, which was a public school, must have glossed over the areas where my son has the most room to grow. Now that he is at Gravitas, the areas where he needs the most support have been brought to the forefront and Gravitas has provided support in areas of weakness so my son can improve as a student.

Trish, Parent '25
New York, United States

I like about Gravitas for these reasons:

  1. It is a high standard curriculum and delivered by well-educated and experienced teachers. Good curriculum and educators shape the future of a child and the better future of the world. Gravitas is an excellent innovation on this.
  2. From enrollment to college counseling, My son and I have experienced very professional service  from Gravitas. It is professional, detailed, flexible and caring. All the staff worked very hard. They want to ensure students enjoy and benefit from Gravitas.
  3. Gravitas is well-designed. It has a core curriculum, together with college counseling, passion academics, moral education and spiritual learning. It is complete, convenient, efficient and economic.
  4. As Gravitas keeps growing and improving, it will become a global community of excellent teachers, students. They not only support the students to learn and become a better person, but also will play an important role in world peace.

God bless Gravitas.

Kevin, Parent '23
Foshan, China

Gravitas is a place of opening minds and thinking outside the box. It’s intensive which really pushes you to work really hard and do your best. I love it at Gravitas because they have great professional teachers that really look out for students outside and in class. The best part of it is that you get to work with great peers and you’re not really alone. Personally I came in with a weak writing game but it’s been only months and I've made a big improvement based on my teacher’s comments. I would 100% recommend
Gravitas for anyone wanting an online education. It’s the best!

Yaffie, Student '25

"Gravitas is an institution that's not just a school but also a loving family with diverse students and faculty members residing worldwide with unique and rich backgrounds. Gravitas isn't the only school that provides exceptional education, but Gravitas is one of the rare schools where you can broaden your mind and heart with remarkably talented and intellectually curious students who care about the development of their character."
Joseph, Student '24
New York, United States

[My son] is enjoying classes…he is absolutely loving every minute of it. Gravitas lets him explore his passions, too. We are happy to be part of Gravitas.

Saratbindu, Parent '25
Hyderabad, India

“Check out this school if you are looking for a safe place to send your kids for a Christian-based, first class education. My two oldest boys attend here and I could not be happier. We were drawn in by the academic reputation of SBS and the faith-based component. The flexibility Gravitas provides and the live instruction are terrific. The high level of engagement of the teachers sets Gravitas apart."

Daniel, Parent '24, '27, '28
Florida, United States

"I love the flexibility of Gravitas! I see my son really engaging deeply in his classes, thinking, asking questions, and debating about topics I didn't get to when I was his age. More than anything else, the one thing we want to give our son is Jesus...I am more than happy with the faith element of Gravitas."
Carlene, Parent '25

“Gravitas is expanding [my child’s] worldview and conversation.  Her work ethic has improved as far as time management and staying on task go. The quality of the faculty and their teaching, support, etc. is fantastic. Public school doesn't provide the level of support she receives at Gravitas.  The support is great.  The teaching method is very engaging and encourages participation.  It’s really nice.”

Tonya, Parent '24
New Jersey, United States

Since I've started my way in the school, Gravitas has become an integral part of my life. I've met lots of cool and smart people. Some of them became my friends. I did fascinating virtual labs in chemistry, explored the speeches of Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. in rhetoric, discovered right and left-handed limits in calculus class, and even designed my own microlab [for the International Space Station Research Program] with students on campus. Gravitas is also about a high level of moral education. Thanks to the character formation course I've learned what true happiness is, why it is important to be virtuous, and how I can find my way in life. Gravitas became my second family. It is a place where I find myself motivated, strong, and successful.

Yan, Student '25
Kyiv, Ukraine

Gravitas is a place of learning and growth in all senses of the word. I have grown exponentially even in my short time here.

Diallo, Student '25

"My math teacher is extremely dedicated to ensuring that I am challenged and getting the most out of an exceptional course. She is an awesome teacher! I also greatly appreciate the scholarly approach of my Humanities teachers. All my teachers have been great.

It's a good balance between synchronous classes and the flexibility it affords to provide the opportunity to pursue other interests and passions outside of the school."

Tyler, Student '24
New Jersey, United States

"My daughter is glad that she is one of the Gravitas students. Gravitas provides great teachers, curriculum, and lots of feedback. It shows how much Gravitas carefully focuses on students. I hope lots of students apply and have such a great experience at Gravitas!"

Parent, '26
South Korea