Cornerstone College Cambridge Partnership

Bridge to Selective US University Admissions Program

Gravitas offers Cornerstone College Cambridge students an opportunity to build a bridge to selective US universities and colleges. With a Stony Brook School degree in hand, graduates of the program can make their dreams come true. 45% of the Stony Brook School class of 2022 earned acceptances to the top 30 most selective universities in the US, and now Cornerstone College students can do the same without having to cross the Atlantic to attend the Stony Brook School boarding campus. 

Who is this for?
  • Aspirational students who desire admission to a selective US university or college
  • Students who have completed or nearly completed their course of study in another educational system (IGCSE, IB, other national systems in Europe, Africa, or Asia) and want to pivot to a US curriculum to make themselves more marketable to US universities and prepare themselves for success when they arrive in the US
  • Students who did not get the results they were hoping for after their senior year and want to try again after an intensives academic post-grad/gap year experience
  • Deep thinkers who want to learn how they can connect faith and reason so they can stand firm in their faith, resist temptations, and make an impact for the Gospel on their future university campuses
  • Students who desire to grow in Christian character through intentional spiritual disciplines
How does it work?
  • Cornerstone College students apply directly to the Stony Brook School and indicate to the Director of Admissions that they are applying for the Gravitas-Cornerstone College Bridge Program. Applicants should follow the application steps as instructed, submitting the necessary documents and paying the application fee.
  • Gravitas will then review the students' transcripts and university admissions goals and, if the student is accepted, will proceed to build a custom coursework plan for the student. For the best outcomes, students should begin taking classes during the third trimester (early March), continue through the summer, and then complete their studies after a full school year in May of the following year. 
  • Gravitas will then generate contracts for the agreed-upon course of study. 
  • Students pay tuition and then are enrolled in their courses.
  • Typical courses will include Faith and Philosophy, College-Level Ethics, United States History (regular or advanced), and advanced courses in English, Math, Science, History, Entrepreneurship, the Arts, and Computer Science depending on the student's interests and aspirations.
  • Students will receive college counseling from Gravitas to guide them through the process of applying to selective US universities, which is quite different than applying to universities in the UK, the rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia. 
  • Students will also complete in-person courses at Cornerstone College and receive academic support and mentorship from Cornerstone College faculty and staff.

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